GCC is a non-profit organisation with the mission ‘to provide young people with the opportunity to develop to their highest potential’. In the last decade, we have increased our focus to providing solutions to the problems that the Boko Haram insurgency in the north-eastern part of Nigeria gave rise to.

We entered into a partnership with the King Muhammad VI Foundation of Morocco to establish and construct a vocational training institute in Maiduguri, Borno State which will thereafter be managed by GCC. The aim is to assist the re-integration of internally displaced youth back into the society as well as provide the skilled manpower needed to rebuild the various sectors and areas destroyed by the insurgency in and around Borno state.

GCC continuously strives towards ensuring attainment of gender equity through the provision of strategic life skills including empowerment of females through formal education and skills acquisition.  In line with this, the institute is equipped to admit up to 600 trainees of both genders per session and will ensure that 40% of admissions are reserved for women.

Our Mission

“to be the best technical, vocational education and training (TVET) institute in the country, which lays emphasis on global best practices in learning, instruction and practice as a way of creating a world class qualitative workforce for the construction industry.”

Our Vision

 “envisaged to be a TVET with reference point for the production of competent qualitative, creative, principled, productive disciplined and skilled workforce for the construction industry with entrepreneurial skills”.


We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteer who love to help.
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